Smart Billing

Our information system in the field of energy is a complete solution intended for managing and calculating consumption of energy products such as electricity, heat, gas or water. It is an information system that provides modernization of business processes, innovative and more precise work, as well as higher efficiency in distribution and collection. The system enables exact and accurate calculations of energy consumption in one place, and provides support and compatibility.

The Smart Billing system is created using state-of-the-art technology that connects classic and/or latest smart metering devices and other system components into one functional unit. The software enables control and management of energy distribution, determination of distribution losses, thefts and identification of contentious locations. Using our system to calculate energy consumption eliminates the possibility of errors in reading on the ground because it prevents entry of duplicate data and therefore controls the process of operation. The Smart Billing system is a smart software solution that features unbelievable billing speeds while improving business procedures. The system provides increased productivity of all business processes with a new level of transparency through a mobile application designed for end consumers.

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The system provides:

System administration

Improved work with consumers

Better control of work at measuring points

Reading of metering devices (remote or OCR reading)

Tariff models

Automatic data entry into the system

Automatic account creation

Automatic billing and bill correction

Debt rescheduling

Filing lawsuits

Lists of debtors, notices, disconnections