Contemporary organizations use e-business systems and such systems require high protection in communication and identity validation to ensure a secure flow of information. . In order to meet these needs, we created a PKI system that is used by all devices – communicators in the communication chain. The PKI system provides secure information transfer and ensures authentication using state-of-the-art technology in the field of authentication and data protection.

Our team of experts created a unique identity authentication system so that communication is quick and efficient, available at any moment.

The tool is simple and intuitive to use, and together with its application we provide you with user support and enhancement of your technology while following the global trends in the field of authentication. The technology used to create this tool is called CA or Certification Authority, which is integrated with the active directory for the needs of internal users, as it provides Logon functionality, as well as the functions of SSL client authentication and a protected standard S/MIME e-mail system.


We have a private CA for the purpose of issuing certificates to external users as well as internal users for external communication needs, which exceeds the requirements for issuing qualified electronic certificates if needed. In addition, for a closed group of users where it is not necessary to use qualified certificates, the implementation of a PKI system in such a case is reduced to the minimum possible in financial and organizational terms.

The system provides: