The Parking Management System is a software solution for managing, organizing and controlling vehicle parking and parking spaces in urban area. The system is based on modern technology and uses OCR technology for automatic plates recognition, state-of-the-art object-based information, mobile readers and printers.

The parking system is available at all times and in all places, which ensures reliability and access to the application anytime and anywhere regardless of the access to the Internet connection because the application works independently from Wi-Fi network. The software provides functionality and support to all types of control of proper parking payment and control of the employees on the ground. Using the system achieves optimal time of control of parking spaces. The user interface is simple and intuitive for all users.

The system provides:

Asset 1

Higher controller productivity

Asset 2

Better supervision and control of the work of officers on the ground

Asset 3

Plates scanning by parking software via OCR module

Asset 4

Ability provided by the parking system to determine the routes of controller movements and to collect daily reports from the field

Asset 5

Enabled automatic creation of minor offence warrants

Asset 6

Printing penalties on the ground via mobile printers

Asset 7

Communication with other systems

Asset 8

Web and Android applications that control parking spaces

Asset 9

Analysis of collected data – The parking system includes analytics that provides you with a simple overview of data by requested parameters

Asset 10

Functionality in offline mode

Asset 11

Verifying and reporting unpaid and unauthorized parking

Asset 12

Receiving notifications from administrators and operators

Data storing in the Data Center of the system that is built according to user’s needs. The Data Center was built to the highest standards and with the highest level of security The parking system provides the highest level of security of all data