In the field of healthcare, we recognized the need to improve and integrate information systems, and we created a software for the needs of healthcare which promotes the services provided and business in all medical institutions. In creating the healthcare information system, we were guided by how to create a better working environment for doctors and ensure better care for patients. The healthcare information system accelerates work processes and leaves more time for doctors to devote to the patients.

Our integrated healthcare information system is one of the most complex and important projects being implemented in the Republic of Srpska. This information system improves the healthcare system, upgrades its overall quality, efficiency, reliability and transparency, and by its modules and application solutions, connects all information systems in the field of healthcare at the state level.
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The healthcare information system was designed in line with the World Health Organization – WHO guidelines.

Use of the healthcare information system brings benefits to all users of the healthcare system because it establishes a central healthcare database, introduces e-booklets and the possibility of electronic scheduling of appointments. An application makes all health history information available to doctors, and the record can be accessed by the patient, which shortens the time spent in health facilities.