The system of electronic protection and reading of meters is a system for digitizing the process of reading electronic meters and protecting metering devices. Using the software developed by our company’s team of experts and the supporting hardware components of the system increases the productivity of controllers on the ground, as it accelerates the work process. Use of modern RFID and OCR technologies, i.e. relevant chips and readers, enables digitization in identifying metering devices and reading the levels of consumption. The electronic protection and meter reading system protects you from illegal consumer actions and malpractice of controllers because field workers are supervised and their location is controlled in real time.

The software reduces the possibility of error in reading the meter on the ground, and the meter reading process is many times faster than manual reading.
Data from the metering device read by RFID and OCR readers are transferred directly to the database, which accelerates the work process because the data are no longer entered into the system manually. By using our software solution, the end consumer has the possibility to see the ratio of current consumption to the average, directly when reading, and they can monitor their consumption and control it.