CRYPTO MESSENGER is a specially created system for secure and reliable exchange of text, audio and video messages between two or more communicators. It was developed with the help of world experts in the field of communication encryption. A special feature which differentiates this system from similar communication systems is security.
CRYPTO MESSENGER modules enable creation of operational groups and users according to needs, and you are the ones to create your own access rules and ways of checking the communication. The software enables centralized operations management, video material transfers from drones, thermal cameras and other special equipment to the operations management center and sharing between operatives on the ground. The CRYPTO MESSENGER technology enables showing user’s location, sending and displaying layout of objects, including the possibility of sending tasks by superiors. The foundation of system security is encrypted end-to-end communication.
It is intended for anyone who wants fast and reliable communication. Your communication is safe with CRYPTO MESSENGER.

The system provides: