About us


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MMSCODE Ltd. is a modern company focused on developing innovative software solutions.

The company was established in 2013 with the goal of creating an integrated information system in the field of healthcare, but our ideas and goals were expanding over time to include improving business processes in various industries. We have focused our resources on creating solutions that include artificial intelligence and machine learning as their integral component. In creating our software systems, we use the latest tools of global partners (Oracle, Microsoft, Google, etc.).

Za klijente kreiramo pametne softvere koji će osnažiti I unaprijediti poslovne procese.

Our company’s software solutions are present in the following fields: healthcare, energy, security, IT industry and public service and administration. Our experts have abundant experience in designing and implementing information systems which feature the above software as an important segment. The created software increases efficiency of the value chain and is delivered with the greatest expertise and support, best technology and top global partnerships.


We at MMSCODE create advanced software solutions for our clients based on mutual trust, loyalty and professionalism, as well as on anticipating and responding to the needs of our clients. Our priority is system solutions and development tools intended for use at the international level.



Guided by big ideas and extensive knowledge, sense of detail and dedication, we create systems of the future in order to become and remain the leader in the field of advanced information systems.